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Your donation is CRUCIAL to our mission...

We are OYE, a not-for-profit certified under Section 1101.01(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of Puerto Rico. OYE is dedicated to providing Puerto Rican entrepreneurs comprehensive business education, financial literacy, mentoring and desk space free of charge to create sustainable businesses and a thriving Puerto Rican - Centric small business community. 

Established in 2022, OYE's 12-week workshop culminates with a pitch competition. Thereafter, graduates are provided mentoring for 3 months along with access to free desk space via our Office Hours program.

Once you donate, you will receive confirmation to fulfill your Act 20/22 or Act 60 requirements. 


If you wish to donate using ATH Movil: 

1. Go to the ATH movil App

2. Click Donate

3. Search for OYEPR & make your donation!

ACT 20/22: OYE can accept donations for your full donation requirements amount under SURI. 

ACT 60: OYE can accept donations up to 5k. 

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The knowledge we gained from the program was invaluable and we couldn't have done it without their support. Thanks to OYE, we are now able to grow and expand our business and help others in our community. We highly recommend OYE to anyone looking to improve their business skills and achieve their goals.
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